Service Coordination will be provided to those who choose Hopewell as the provider. While Hopewell encourages individuals receiving any chosen service to utilize their right of choice among other providers in the area, Hopewell will accept the decision of families and individuals regarding their choice to receive SC from Hopewell or another provider.

The assigned Service Coordinator will provide linkage to services as set forth in the individuals person centered plan and documented on the IPP. The SC, to ensure individuals’ needs are met, that they are in a safe and clean environment, and that any upcoming needs can be addressed in a timely manner, will conduct monthly home visits.

Service Coordinators will plan and conduct all required team meetings, as determined by the treatment team and in compliance with all regulatory requirements. Service Coordinators will perform all functions as outlined in the IDDW manual.  Service Coordination will be provided based on choice, and regardless of the individual’s selection of Traditional or Person Directed Models. Service Coordination will oversee the services of Environmental Adaptation if requested and needed by individuals served.

Hopewell Community Services, LLC is licensed behavioral health agency located in Cross Lanes, WV.

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